Real Money for Free People:
The American Gold Story

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Real Money for Free People is essential reading for anyone who values their financial freedom.”

Robert Kiyosaki endorses Real money for Free people book
- Robert Kiyosaki -

Author of the bestselling personal finance book Rich Dad, Poor Dad

“Jim Clark’s book explains in easy to understand terms what the Founders knew, that honest money- gold and silver- means prosperity for both nations and individuals.”

- Charles Goyette -

“The first time I purchased silver and held it in my hands, I knew Jim Clark captured my imagination.

He is now the gatekeeper of my precious metals.

With Real Money for Free People, we get the story of Gold and Silver in America and a glimpse of how it might impact our future!”

- James T. Harris -

Host of the The Conservative Circus Radio Show and Podcast

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Reveal the truth with Precious Metals Expert Jim Clark

Embark on a riveting exploration of the American monetary system with “Real Money for Free People: The American Gold Story.” This insightful journey traces the evolution from the ideals of the founding fathers to contemporary, questionable monetary policies that actively devalue the US Dollar. Written by a Precious Metals expert with over 50 years of market experience, the book unveils the harsh realities of dollar manipulation, foreshadows an impending inflation crisis, and underscores the crucial role of gold and silver as historical hedges against inflation and paper asset devaluation.

As readers delve into the narrative, they gain invaluable insights into the potential repercussions of replicating failed concepts from history, especially when it comes to monetary decision-making. The book not only exposes the pitfalls of current policies but also equips readers with the knowledge to make informed investment decisions, offering a timely guide on navigating the uncertain economic landscape that lies ahead.

About the Author

Since 1973, when gold was only $45 per ounce, Jim Clark has traded precious metals in every type of market and through every significant economic event.

As a wholesaler and dealer, more physical metals have passed through his hands than virtually any other individual market-maker in the world.

Jim founded Republic Monetary Exchange where he continues to build his clients’ generational wealth with physical gold and silver investment strategies.